Let Your Body Die - C-Tec (Cyber-Tec)
This Time - Wolfsheim (No Happy View)
Nature's Interface - Haujobb (Solutions For a Small Planet)
Song Of The Winds - Project Pitchfork (Early Years 89-93)
Consensual Worlds - Delerium (Semantic Spaces)
Nomad - Xorcist (Nomad)
Justify My Love - Front Line Assembly (Virgin Voices/A Tribute To Madonna)
Greensleeves - Loreena McKennitt (The Visit)
Modigliani (I Dream of Jeanne Mix) - Book Of Love (Book Of Love)
Only You - Yaz (The Best Of)
Love is a Stranger - Eurythmics
I Ran - Sunshine Blind (Liquid)
God is God - Juno Reactor (Bible of Dreams)
Irak! (First Take) - Wumpscut- (BlutKind)
Afterhours - Covenant- (United States of Mind)
Starlight - Fictional (Fictitious)
Honour - VNV Nation (Praise the Fallen)
A Cloth Like Gauze - 16 Volt (Letdowncrush)
Army of Me - Bjork (Post)
Night Ride Across the Causcauses - Loreena McKennitt (The Book Of Secrets)
Euphoria (Firefly) - Delerium (Karma)
Thorns - Wumpscut (Bunker Gate Seven)
Jetzt oder Nie - Eco (Das Album)
Everyday is Halloween - Ministry (Twelve Inch Singles)

This is where DJ Eternal Darkness took over...

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