Little Gothic- Seraphim Shock (Nightmares For the Banished)
Nature's Interface- Haujobb (Solutions For a Small Planet)
Consensual Worlds- Delerium (Semantic Spaces)
Shallow Then Halo- Cocteau Twins (Garlands)
Song of the Winds- Project Pitchfork (Early Years 89-93)
Angel- Massive Attack (Mezzanine)
Witches Dance- Wumpscut (Eevil Young Flesh)
Slipping Away (tick tock mix)- The Creatures (Hybrids)
God Is God- Juno Reactor (Bible of Dreams)
Hymn- Front 242 (Up Evil)
Drool- Switchblade Symphony (Drool single)
Kunstliche Welten- Wolfsheim (Spectators)
2D- Covenant (Europa)
Thorns- Wumpscut (Bunker Gate Seven)
On Helloween- Fictional (Fictitious)
Every Day is Halloween- Ministry (Twelve Inch Singles)
Sex Dwarf- Soft Cell (Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret)
Cowgirl- Underworld (dubnobasswithmyheadman)
Decomposed (Trampled)- Mentallo & the Fixer (Where Angels Fear To Tread)
Jetzt Oder Nie- Eco (Das Album)
Standing- VNV Nation (Empires)

This is where DJ Eternal Darkness took over...

You can buy most of these at Amazon, or MusicWerks (right next to the Vogue, on Capitol Hill).