Dominion Day- Gary Numan
Nature's Interface- Haujobb
Order of Death- Public Image Limited
Haunted (when the minutes drag)- Love & Rockets
You Spin Me Round- Templebeat
The Doctor Song- Women of Sodom
I Ran- Sunshine Blind
Emma- Sisters of Mercy
I'll Fall With Your Knife- Peter Murphy
Blind Dumb Deaf- Cocteau Twins
Song of the Winds- Project Pitchfork
Place of Refuge- L'Ame Immortalle
Kingdom- VNV Nation
Slider- Xorcist
Thorns- Wumpscut
Euphoria (firefly)- Delerium
The Chauffeur- Duran Duran
Hangman- Fictional
Decomposed (trampled)- Mentallo & the Fixer
*Light- KMFDM
Pull Me Under- 29 Died
Dear God-Evil's Toy
Nonstop Violence- Apoptygma Berzerk
Sex Dwarf- Soft Cell
Kunstliche Welten- Wolfsheim
Harpsichord- Switchblade Symphony
Tantz Mit Dem Teufel- Melotron
Nothing- sexwithsarah
*Days of Swine & Roses- My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
Temptation- Project Pitchfork
Sun- Under The Noise
*Lagartija Nick- Bahaus
Burn- Sisters of Mercy
Lost boys theme- Gerard McMann
Witchcraft- Book of Love
Cars- Luxt
Jetzt Oder Nie- Eco
Equilibrium- Project Pitchfork
Bitterkeit- L'Ame Immortalle
Under Your Skin- Silke Bischoff
Skyquake- Assemblage 23
Strap Me In- Laeatherstrip
*D'ya Think I'm Sexy- Revolting Cocks
Dead Stars- Covenant
Steelrose (Apoptygma Berzerk remix)- Project Pitchfork
Standing- VNV Nation
Starsign- Apoptygma Berzerk
Find My Way Home- Project Pitchfork

You can buy most of these at Amazon, or MusicWerks (right next to the Vogue, on Capitol Hill).