Consensual Worlds- Delerium (Semantic Spaces)
Nature's Interface- Haujobb (Solutions For a Small Planet)
Secret Track- Velvet Acid Christ (Fun With Knives)
Haunted/When The Minutes Drag- Love and Rockets
Giving Ground- Sisterhood (Gift)
Boy (extended mix)- Book Of Love (Book Of Love)
Masquerade- Berlin (Pleasure Victim)
Army of Me- Bjork (Post)
Slipping Away- The Creatures (Hybrids)
Girl- Eco (Entfesselt)
Every Day Is Halloween- Ministry (Twelve Inch Singles)
Absolution- Gary Numan (New Dreams For Old)
Untitled- Apoptygma Berzerk (7)
Blue Lights- Fictional (Fictitious)
Jetzt Oder Nie- Eco (Das Album)
Dead Stars- Covenant- (United States of Mind)
Standing- VNV Nation (Empires)
I Want You- Wumpscut (Eevil Young Flesh)
Dear God- Evils Toy (Morbid Mind)
Nothing- Sexwithsarah (insert;thrust;repeat)
Steelrose (APB remix)- Project Pitchfork (Steelrose single)
Theremin- Covenant (Theremin)

...and this is where DJ Whipkitten took over.

You can buy most of these at Amazon, or MusicWerks (right next to the Vogue, on Capitol Hill).