Consensual Worlds- Delerium (Semantic Spaces)
Some Kind of Stranger- Sisters Of Mercy (First And Last And Always)
Greensleeves- Loreena McKennitt (The Visit)
Little Angel- Silke Bischoff (To Protect and To Serve)
Angel- Massive Attack (Mezzanine)
Tangled Up- Cranes (ep collection vols 1 & 2)
Rosarot- Eco (Entfesselt)
On Helloween- Fictional (Fictitious)
Disappearing- Peter Murphy (Cascade)
Giving Ground- Sisterhood (Gift)
Every Day is Halloween- Ministry (Twelve Inch Singles)
nothing- Sexwithsarah (insert;thrust;repeat)
Circling Overland- Front 242 (Front By Front)
Eclipse- Apoptygma Berzerk (Welcome To Earth)
Tetxt Oder Nie- Eco (Das Album)
The Longing- Project Pitchfork (Alpha Omega)
Just Like Heaven- The Cure (Galore)
The Sparrows and the Nightingales- Wolfsheim (No Happy View)
Obsession- Xymox (Twist of Shadows)
Thorns- Wumpscut (Bunker Gate Seven)
Like A Prayer- Bigod 20 (On The Run single)
*Ribbons- Sisters Of Mercy (Vision Thing)
Rough Sex (Beltram Bondage mix)- Lords of Acid (Rough Sex single)
Dear God- Evils Toy (Morbid Mind)

This is where Doug took over...

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